Prenatal Care

Prenatal Care

Prenatal Care
Birthing Your Way believes that the prenatal period is a great time in pregnancy and should be treated as such. You are welcome to come to your prenatal appointment by yourself for a little alone time, or you may make it a family affair. You may bring your healthy children, your husband, or whomever you would like to share this time with. During your prenatal, your children may help us listen to your baby’s heart tones and your husband may learn how to feel which position your baby is in.

Your initial appointment with your midwife is about an hour, as there is much to learn about you. The midwife will discuss your medical history, your previous births, and of course your desires for your current pregnancy and birth. Our midwives and staff make it our priority to cater your prenatal appointments to your individual needs.

At each prenatal appointment, your midwife will meet with you to ask you how you are doing both physically and emotionally. Our knowledgeable midwives will answer any questions you may have and will address any of your concerns about your pregnancy.
During the appointment the midwife will gently measure your growing uterus, palpate the position of your baby, and listen to your baby’s heart tones. This is a wonderful time for you to learn more about your baby who is growing inside of you.
After your initial appointment, we recommend that you schedule your prenatal visits every 4 weeks until your 30th week, when they become more frequent and change to every two weeks. Then at 36 weeks of pregnancy you will have a prenatal visit every week until your baby is born.

All prenatal visits are done at either the Provo or Lehi birth center locations regardless of where you are having your baby. For those that are birthing at a birth center it will help you to become more familiar and comfortable with the place where you will give birth.

If you are having a homebirth, a midwife will visit you in your home around your 36th week. This helps your birth team to find your home more easily on the big day. It will also allow your birth team to know where things are in your home if needed. We want you to feel prepared, relaxed, and ready to have your baby.

 At Birthing Your Way we strive to make your entire pregnancy and birth a fulfilling experience for you and your family.
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