Birthing Your Way - Lehi Birth Center

Lehi Birth Center
The Lehi Birth Center is located in the beautiful Historic Lehi Hotel built in 1850.
Our beautifully appointed Lehi Birth center offers a relaxed, home-like environment for women and families who would prefer to not deliver at home, yet have the comfort of home. We have three, themed birth suites; The Garden, Lilac, and Rose Room are all furnished with a comfortable queen-size bed.  The Lilac and Garden Room offer water-birth option, complete with a tub designed for labor.

We have carefully arranged everything for your comfort and safety during this precious time.  Safety is our first concern because we want a healthy mom and baby, but there is so much more that we can provide for you.  Birthing Your Way can provide a caring and gentle environment in which to have your baby, and a time to celebrate you and your new, growing family.
Our Birth Center offers:
  • Comfortable Queen Size Beds
  • Luxurious Built in Birth Tubs
  • Kitchen with your own fridge to bring food for the labor and postpartum stay .
  • Waiting area for family to be close at hand.
  • Toys for children during prenatal visits and the birth.
  • Features, such as adjustable lighting and aromatherapy to help you relax.
  • Snacks
When you come to the birth center for your prenatal appointments, you will enjoy a comfortable prenatal room and a clean, home-like setting.  We strive to provide comfortable rooms, professional care, and courteous service.

The Lehi Birth Center is located in the Cottage Health Center. The Cottage Health Center offers a variety of natural health services such as the Massage Therapist, Mental Health Practitioner, Ultra sound Services, and more. The Cottage Health Center also has a wonderful space for classes, so besides childbirth classes, there are a wide variety of other classes available to you.

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