Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of Midwives and which Midwives are available at Birthing Your Way?
 There are 3 types of midwives who can practice legally in Utah:
CPM or DEM – Certified Professional Midwife or Direct Entry Midwife. In Utah no certification or licensure is required to call yourself a midwife. Therefore, it is up to you, the client, to determine the skill-level and capability of those calling themselves a midwife. Therefore, this midwife may or may not have the CPM credential. Some midwives in this category are skilled, but once again, it is up you to determine the knowledge and skill-level of this midwife. This midwife can carry oxygen, but can not carry or administer any other medications.
LDEM – Licensed Direct Entry Midwife. This is someone who went straight into midwifery and is licensed by the state. He or she is also a CPM (Certified Professional Midwife), having met the requirements with NARM (North American Registry of Midwives). LDEMs are licensed with the State of Utah and can carry oxygen, lidocaine (for stitching up your perineum in the case of tears), Rhogam for Rh- mothers, pitocin for a hemorrhage, vitamin K for baby, eye ointment for baby, and with a physician’s approval, IVs, if needed, other medications for hemorrhage, and certain antibiotics for labor. They are not under the supervision of a doctor, but practice independently.
CNM– Certified Nurse Midwife. This midwife has gone through formal nurses’ training and certification as well as midwifery schooling and training. Most CNMs work in hospitals, are able to carry medications, write prescriptions and most work with a doctor.
Birthing Your Way has LDEMs and CNMs practicing at our birth center.

Can Birthing Your Way Midwives prescribe medications?  
Do you use alternative treatments?
Birthing Your Way has an LDEM and a CNM on staff which allows us to legally provide and use medications if needed. The medications available to you are determined by the license that your midwife may or may not hold, and may include antibiotics and medications for suturing. If you would like access to hemorrhage medications, you MUST choose a Licensed Midwife (LDEM) or a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM).
In addition to any prescribed medications determined by the licensed midwife, we use herbs, homeopathy, and oils. We usually rely on the midwife’s knowledge and the mom’s preference as to what is used and when.      

What options are there for pain management?
Birthing Your Way offers the following options to assist with your pain management. We offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas), water birth, deep tubs, sterile water injections, and pressure point manipulation. Mothers are also able to eat, drink, and walk around during labor which helps make the whole atmosphere more relaxing.

Where can I get an Ultrasound done?
Birthing Your Way has contracted with an ultrasound provider to hold onsite appointments at each location for the convenience of our clients.
How much are Birthing Your Way midwifery services?
Birthing Your Way providers are both in and out of network for most insurance companies.  Please visit our pricing page for more information, or call our office at 801-796-2229 for more details.

What is included when birthing at the birth center?

Besides the amazing care that you will receive from all of us at Birthing Your Way, the following items are included in the fee:
  • Prenatal care with our amazing midwives. Each appointment is personal, caring, and focused on you.
  • Use of our relaxing and spa-like facilities for your labor, birth, and immediate postpartum.
  • A postpartum doula to care for you until you return home after your birthing time
  • All of our soft towels and high-thread sheets during your birthing time.
  • The comfort of a large, luxurious, and relaxing birth tub for your labor and birth.
  • All regular prenatal care done with one of our devoted midwives.
  • Labor and Birth Care, with one of our midwives by your side, helping you through your labor and birth.
  • A caring Newborn Exam to make sure your baby is well and healthy after the birth.
  • Newborn Hearing Screening at one week, to make sure that your baby’s hearing is perfect.
  • Postpartum Care by the midwives at 24-36 hours, five days, one week, two weeks, four weeks, and six weeks, as needed.
  • Use of our full library of books and videos, so that you can learn as much as possible about this amazing time in your life.
  • A wonderful and informative book on childbirth: Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth.
What Items that are not included in the price that I may need or want?
  • An Additional Birth Center or Mobile Birth Center Facility Fee is not included in the Midwifery Care Service Fee
  • Ultrasounds (covered by most insurances)
  • Blood work (covered by most insurances)
  • Relaxing rental water-birth tub if needed for a homebirth
  • Labs (covered by most insurances)
  • Rhogam for Rh- mothers (covered by most insurances)
  • IV if needed
  • Vitamin K for baby
  • Eye ointment (antibiotics) for baby
  • Blood typing for mom or baby (covered by most insurances)
  • Antibiotics, if wanted for GBS in labor
  • Newborn Metabolic Testing
  • Herbs and supplements, as needed
  • Childbirth classes
  • Birth tub set-up and take down with liner ( for Home births)
  • Additional birth attendants, if needed for complications
  • Transport to the hospital, as needed
  • Extra office visits, as needed for illness
  • Non-stress test, as needed
  • Birth kit supplies – required for both birth center and home birth
Please note: All pricing is subject to change. Birthing Your Way does accept some insurances. Other payment plans are available to our clients. If you have any questions about billing or payment options please contact our office at 801-796-2229.

Does Birthing Your Way offer any late transfer to care discounts?
We do offer discounts to late transfers of care into our Centering Care program, but only if proof of sufficient prenatal care in this pregnancy can be provided (TBD by midwife at BYW).
•Before 29 weeks, no discount is given. There is still a lot of prenatal care to do.
•30-34 weeks– $250 discount(must show proof of at least 5 prenatals)
•35+ weeks– $350 discount(must show proof of at least 7 prenatals)

Does Birthing Your Way do homebirths? How much do homebirths cost?
At Birthing Your Way we offer you the option to birth in the comfort and privacy of your own home with your family surrounding you. Along with the support of our loving and knowledgeable midwife and birth team.
We believe home birth can be an amazing experience for some mothers. Some women feel more relaxed, more able to labor comfortably, and feel safer in their own homes. For these women, our wonderful and experienced birth team will come to you.
Your prenatal appointments are held at one of our beautiful birth centers, but when the time comes for you to have your baby, the birth team will come to your home. At 36 weeks your midwife will visit you in your home so she will be able to easily locate your house on the big day. This also allows the birth team to familiarize themselves with where things are located inside your home. At 36 weeks your midwife will discuss with you what to expect on your birthing day.
Birthing Your Way’s goal is to follow and honor your birthing plan. Therefore, you may choose to labor in the water or wherever you feel the most comfortable. (Please note we no longer provide inflatable tubs, clients must secure their own tub if desired). You will have the freedom to walk outside in your yard or stay in your room during your birthing process. When birthing at home, you may birth wherever you would like in your house and your birth team will be there to help and support you.

Do you do water births?
Yes, we have built in birth tubs in each room.  

Does Birthing Your Way take medical insurance?
Insurance can be a tricky thing, but don’t worry, Birthing Your Way is here to help you. With all of the new laws insurance can be difficult thing to navigate. Birthing Your Way is contracted with a great insurance biller who is an expert at submitting insurance claims for our clients.
Birthing Your Way is an in-network provider for patients with Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tall Tree, United Healthcare, Molina Marketplace, and Molina Medicaid.  Please call our office to verify if your insurance is considered in-network.
If you have out-of-network maternity coverage with Aetna, Altius, Humana, DMBA and many other small insurance companies then they may cover the cost of your baby’s birth. Even if you have a large deductible, because of the way insurance works, it can be worth your time and money for us to check and see what your plan covers. One advantage of the new health care insurance laws is that since our midwives are licensed with the State of Utah to practice midwifery, insurance companies should accept us as an out of network provider. Even if you don’t see your insurance company listed above, your insurance may cover your baby’s birth so give us a call and we will be happy to help you find out.
As a patient with Birthing Your Way you may have the option to have your labs and ultrasounds covered by your insurance. Please notify our midwives or office staff if you would like to bill your insurance for your lab work. For your convenience labs can be drawn in our office during one of your prenatal visits.
No provider in Utah is covered for an out-of-hospital birth at this time with IHC plans, Out of Network only.
For those with Medicaid, it covers costs such as lab fees and ultrasounds. You are still responsible for the midwifery fees.  Please contact us for details.  
We do offer a pre-payment deductible/co-pay discount. This can greatly help reduce the out-of-pocket costs for which you are responsible even with a high deductible. We also offer payment options and plans for our clients whether you have insurance, a high deductible or no insurance at all.

What is considered a high-risk pregnancy?
Please ask one of the midwives what is considered high-risk. It will depend on the provider’s regulations. 

Do you do VBACs? (Vaginal Birth after Caesarean)
Yes, we do these all the time. 

How far overdue can I go?
VBACs: 42 weeks
All others: 43 weeks

How often does Birthing Your Way transport to the hospital? Which hospitals are used? Do you have a backup doctor? 
Our midwives transport less than 10% of laboring mothers to the hospital. The majority of transports are not emergency transports. We are less than 15 minutes from many hospitals. Our backup doctor has privileges with Timpanogos Regional and Utah Valley. Our midwives will stay will you during transport and make sure you are settled in and taken care of before leaving you at the hospital. Please note: Most hospitals have a doctor on call which means there will be a certain amount of time before the doctor will arrive if there is a problem at a hospital birth. Our midwives are trained to call on the way to the hospital so they will have enough time to call the doctor in. So in other words even if you were having a hospital birth the doctor on call would not be there any faster than if our midwives had to transfer you during labor.

When would it be necessary for a client to be transported to the hospital? What do you do in case of an emergency? Do you do C-sections? Do you have medical equipment?
The safety of our laboring mother and the baby is our top priority. Our midwives are trained to pay close attention to each laboring mother to make sure her health and the baby’s health are good. We are all certified in neonatal resuscitation. We have the same hemorrhage medications as a hospital. We have oxygen and other medical equipment required to deliver babies safely. There are however certain circumstances that may naturally occur that would cause a mother in labor to be transported. Those reasons might be the need for C-section, blood transfusion, forceps, vacuum, Epidural, Pitocin, a D&C procedure, and NICU.

Where do I go for my postpartum appointments if I am transported to the hospital?
We are happy to do all your postpartum appointments at our clinic after you deliver. We still consider you our patient even if you delivered in the hospital. A midwife will contact you either way to make sure you are doing well and to see if you have any questions or concerns.

Where are the Birth Centers located?
Lehi Birth Center
394 West Main Street
Lehi, Utah
Provo Birth Center                                      
489 West 100 South
Provo, Utah

Where can I do my prenatals and birth?
You can do prenatals at either location and you can birth at either location. There are no restraints to either. 

What do you do if you have multiple moms in labor?
Our team is prepared to fully support you with our multiple birthing rooms and both our centers.

Can I take a tour of the birth centers and meet the midwives?
Birthing Your Way offers free tours of either or both of our wonderful birth centers. All you need to do is call our office and schedule a time to come visit either location. During the tour you be able to see our beautiful facility and meet our wonderful midwives. To schedule a tour please call our office at 801-796-2229.

Which midwife will attend my birth? Which medical staff will be at my birth?
You can choose the midwife you connect with the most as your primary midwife. The choice is yours and we want you to be comfortable. We don’t rotate an on-call schedule.  
There are usually three people at each birth. There are two patients, mom and baby, to take care of.

Who can attend my birth?
We allow anyone who is supportive if your decision. We don’t recommend anyone that is not supportive. (Please note, anyone suffering from infections or other contagious diseases may be asked to leave for the protection of the staff, mother, and baby.)

What do I wear at my birth?
You may wear whatever you want. There are no hospital gowns.  

What may I eat during labor?
We have no restrictions.  

Does Birthing Your Way have any Orientations or Classes available for me to take?
Birthing Your Way loves to make sure that our clients are well informed and therefore we offer a variety of free and paid classes on different topics such as childbirth education, breastfeeding, and more. We require our clients to take one orientation class that is free of charge so that you will have the knowledge you need to have a wonderful pregnancy and birth.

I still have more questions!If you still have unanswered questions or if you’d to schedule a tour please call us at 801-796-2229.
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